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Polar Mohr 66 Programmable Paper Cutter

Polar Mohr 66 Programmable Paper Cutter

SN: 70H1049


Manufacturer: Polar Mohr

·         Model: 66 E

·         Fully Programmable

·         Power-Clamp

·         Power-Blade

·         Power-Backgauge

·         Push-Button Operation

·         Digital Readout

·         Safety Laser Beams

·         26.4″ Cutting Width



·         The POLAR 66 is a programmable, easy-to-operate machine. Small business printers appreciate its convenient operation and its long service life. The cutting precision of the POLAR 66 is optimized by the direct precision measuring system and the sturdy construction of the machine. The positioning system has a pulse generator, specially developed for POLAR, which is positioned directly on the lead screw (without the need for intermediate elements). This eliminates all measurement deviations that might otherwise be caused by the transmission elements. The back gauge is driven by a frequency-controlled motor that ensures that cutting positions are reached quickly and smoothly.

·         Cutting – The POLAR 66 makes cutting easy for everyone. The optical cutting line indicator shows exactly where the cut will occur. And you get maximum cutting precision through the direct positioning system.

·         Operation – The POLAR 66 allows for easy handling on large surfaces.

·         Easy programming – At the push of a button, with storage capacity of up to 99 programs.


·         Cutting Width: 26.4″

·         Loading Height Max: 3.15″

·         Clamp Pressure Min: 441 lbs

·         Clamp Pressure Max: 3,307 lbs

·         Electrical:

·         235 Volt

·         60 Hz

·         Three Phase

·         Dimensions:

·         Height: 52 1/2″

·         Length: 52″

·         Width: 42″

·         Weight: 1422 lbs.

(636) 757-3594

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