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Graphic Whizard XDC 370M UV Coater

Graphic Whizard XDC 370M UV Coater

SN: 2912011

Designed with automation in mind.

With a unique 3 pump system the XDC-370M is ideal for those with the need for quick and automatic changeover from one coating to another and allows for automatic clean-up. The XDC370M’s 3 pump system is controlled through the 4” color touchscreen. Place any 2 combinations of gloss, matte, satin or soft touch in 2 of the pails using the 3rd for cleaning solution. Each pump has its own return line reducing contamination between coatings. Other features include a removable applicator roller design, a bank of 3 built-in IR lamps with variable intensity and easy set levers for adjusting substrate thickness, coating thickness and engaging the doctor blade.

Variable speed

Up to 5,900 sheets per hour

208-240V, 1Ph 50/60Hz, 40A

Maximum Stock Size: 14.5″W (36.83cm)

Stock length is unlimited when hand feeding – standard outfeed tray holds up to 18″ long (45.72cm)


Electrical 208-240V 1 Phase 50/60Hz, 30A

Speed 5,900’ per hour

1,800m per hour

Maximum Stock Size 14.5” W (48 cm)

Maximum Stock Weight 157-450 gsm*

Dimensions Length: 99” (251 cm)

Width: 36” (91.5 cm)

Height: 36” (91.5 cm)

Weight 720 lbs (326 kg)

Touch Screen Yes

Bulb Type UV and IR (3 bulbs)

Roller Application 3 roller system

Vacuum Hold Down Yes

Roller and Doctor Blade Settings Easy Set Levers

Removable Roller Design Yes

Pump Style Three Peristalic

(636) 757-3594