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TEC Lighting XC14-1D TruCoat Mini UV Coater & Tec Air Pure

TEC Lighting XC14-1D TruCoat Mini UV Coater & Tec Air Pure

SN: CONX-3652


TruCoat Mini

Are you looking to make the most of your workspace without having to sacrifice performance of a professional UV coater? We have your solution! The TruCoat MINI is designed with the short run printer in mind. It offers a fantastic finish all while being the smallest footprint production UV coater available on the market.

The TruCoat MINI is small but incorporates all the features of larger units including a peristaltic fluid pump, IR Lamps for flow-out and adhesion and a stainless steel doctor blade to ensure the ability to run double-sided work. In three short minutes you can set-up the unit and begin producing stunning UV coating. The TruCoat MINI is the answer for today’s short run printer.

  • Small footprint (Under 10 sq. ft.)
  • 3-minute set-up and cleanup
  • Adjustable intensity IR for flow-out and adhesion
  • 3 roll applicator system with doctor blade
  • Easy to adjust roller gaps
  • HD duty casters for mobility
  • Enclosed design for noise reduction in office environments
  • Offset and digital
  • Xerox
  • Ricoh
  • Konica Minolta
  • Canon
  • HP
  • OCE
  • Screen digital
  • Xante
  • Power: 208-220 1ph 60hz 25amps
  • Format: 14” x any length
  • Paper Weight: 100lb text to 30 point
  • Dimensions of Unit: 40”x 32”


TEC Pure Air


TEC Lighting UV Coaters are designed to be vented outside the facility to prevent ozone and slight odor. If you are unable to vent the UV coater as recommended, you can rely on the PURE Air,Activated Carbon System to get the job done. The PURE Air carbon filter will help eliminate the ozone and odor produced by certain coating materials. This device can either be mounted directly to the UV coater or placed in the room to scrub the entire air content of that room.

Although TEC UV coating is 100% VOC free, there is a slight discharge of odor during the coating process that the PURE Air can help eliminate. In addition, the PURE Air can also be used in conjunction with wide format printers and other environments where VOC’s and particles need to be removed from the air.

With a small and modular design, the PURE Air filters are ideal for enclosed rooms without adequate ventilation. PURE Air filters can easily be installed onto any 3”,4” or 6” exhaust ports, with CFM rating from 100- 1000. Just another step into the Eco-friendly Green Zone.

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