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Moll Bump & Turn

Moll Bump & Turn

SN: 546

This item is on consignment by a local print shop. Printer Strategies will happily move this item to our dock for shipping / rigging / palletization as needed. Please reach out for more info.Free pickup at the customer dock is available as well.


May be incorporated into any existing Moll folder-gluer line. Especially for the production of files, wallets, brochures, greetings cards, etc. The ‘Bump n Turn’ unit allows the product to be turned & folded in another direction. Creates an in-line final fold in an upward format with rollers & formers.


  • Sheet Width:
    Min: 10 cm
    Max: 76 cm
  • Stock weight: 80 – 400 gsm2

(636) 757-3594