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Kirk Rudy 527 Tabber

Kirk Rudy 527 Tabber

Price: $3,850

SN: 7971121


Dimensions: L: 48 W: 38 H: 42-64 – Weight: 525

High Speed, Automatic, Tabbing / Wafer Sealing Machine. Will run In-line with a Labeler or Ink Jet System. Can also run In-line with a Folder (MBO , Stahl, Baum) with some extra attachments. Can also be set up to run as a “Stand-Alone” system with optional Feeder and Conveyor. Machine can apply one or two Tabs / Wafer Seals in one pass. Can do CLEAR , White or Colored Tabs / Seals. This machine can also apply PSL Labels or Postage Stamps.

(636) 757-3594