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Consign Your Equipment!

Printer Strategies would like to help you sell your gear via monthly auctions and direct end user sales.

All it takes is to fill out the consignment agreement (see sample below) and send it to along with the necessary photos and video(s). 

Sample Consignment Agreement

Sample Consignment

Image & Video Information

When gathering images and videos for auction there are just a couple guidelines to follow to get the best results:

1. Make sure everything is taken Horizontally, not vertically. (landscape, not portrait)

2. Images should consist of: a Straight-on Wide Shot that shows the whole machine, Left Side & then Right Side of the machine, Machine Impressions or Meter if any, Make/Model Plates, and a Serial Number Plate.

3. Video should capture the same information as the images: Wide Shot, Impressions, Make/Model Plates & Serial Number. The Video should also have a shot of the entire machine running from start to finish.

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