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Xerox Versant 80 Digital Color Press

Xerox Versant 80 Digital Color Press

Price: $2950

SN: B2R086007

Meter: Color - 1,669,156 | B/W - 1,970,501 | Total - 3,639,657


The V80 is a great machine to base a small printing business around because it is small, has wonderful image quality and tons of features, is inexpensive to both purchase and run, and lends itself to almost any environment.


We often sell this machine as a great transition from old digital equipment or offset shop into current technology that runs fast and clean but is inexpensive enough that it does not kill your budget to have it sit idle for a week. This is often a stumbling block for offset printers that have not done much digital marketing and are not quite sure of how much volume they will actually win - run this guy until you have outgrown it and sell it back to me for an upgrade when you are ready!

Need help understanding your options? Give Roger a call at 636-757-3594 and I'll walk you thru the whole decision making process. We have lots of top notch equipment, I'll help you make sure you get exactly what you really need.



Rated speed 80 ppm

Resolution 2400 x 2400 dpi VCSEL ROS / up to 1200 x 1200 x 10 RIP

Recommended average monthly volume 25,000 - 80,000 pages per month

Duty cycle 460,000 pages per month

Line Screens 

150, 175, 200, 300, 600 Clustered Dot

150, 200 Rotated Line Screen

FM Stochastic Screen



Color Technology Xerox Automated Color Quality Suite and In-Line Spectrophotometer


Paper Handling

Paper sources 3 standard trays plus bypass; 3 optional high capacity feeders

Standard paper capacity 1,900 sheets

Maximum paper capacity with options 9,900 sheets

Media Dimensions - Minimum 5.5" x 7.2" (139 x 182 mm)

Media Dimensions - Maximum 13" x 19.2" (330 x 488 mm)

Media Weight - Minimum 52 g/m² (15 lb. bond)

Media Weight - Maximum 350 g/m² (130 lb. cover)

Media Types Coated, uncoated, tabs, envelops, polyester/synthetic, textured, colored, custom media and mixed-stock printing


Tray 1 550 sheets

Tray 2 550 sheets

Tray 3 550 sheets

Tray 5 Bypass: 250 sheets

Optional High Capacity Feeder 

High Capacity Feeder: 2,000 sheets

Oversized High Capacity Feeder: One tray at 2,000 sheets

Advanced Oversized High Capcity Feeder: Two trays at 2,000 sheets each

Dual Oversized High Capacity Feeder: Four trays at 2,000 sheets each


Print Controllers

Digital Front Ends 

Xerox® EX 80 Print Server Powered by Fiery®

Xerox® EX-i 80 Print Server Powered by Fiery®

Xerox® FreeFlow® Versant 80 Print Server



Electrical Requirements North America: 208-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 16 amps / requires 20A circuit, NEMA 6-20-R socket

Europe: 220-240 V, 50 Hz, 20 amps / requires 20A circuit, PCE Shark 023-6 mating socket

Additional electrical required for print server, feeding/finishing devices

115 VAC 15 Amp for 60 Hz or 220 VAC 10 Amp for 50 Hz (Western Hemisphere)

220-240 Volts, 10 Amp, 50 Hz (Europe)

Dimensions 33" (W) x 33" (D) x 48" (H)

840 mm (W) x 831 mm (D) x 1,212 mm (H)

Weight: 651 lb. (295 kg)

(636) 757-3594