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Xante EnPress Envelope Printer

Xante EnPress Envelope Printer

SN: 52297270030

Brand new Current Model EnPress

The machine was taken from the box and powered up - first copies run by us to test the machine.



The En/Press Digital Multi-Media Press with the patented Enterprise High Speed Feed System and the new Enterprise-SP Feeder offers users an affordable way to go digital and meet the demand for fast, full-color printing. Enterprise’s groundbreaking design features a straight multi-speed feed path for a faster and smoother delivery compared to other feed methods. The complete digital solution is powered by iQueue Workflow that offers new file editing options, new variable data manager, advanced color correction tools and more.


This machine has so many functions - please see the full brochure here

This machine will even make printing plates!


You will likely not see another new EnPress at auction again. These are still being sold as new the flagship model. Typical pricing with enterprise feeder is in excess of $20,000. Now is your chance to own at a fraction of new pricing.

(636) 757-3594

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