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Tec Lighting TRUVF-21D UV Coater

Tec Lighting TRUVF-21D UV Coater

This Tec Lighting TruCoat 21" Auto Feed UV Coater is a high speed production coater that offers a high production auto feeder with a 22" (56cm) deep pile sheet capacity.

This offline auto-fed UV Coater is fit for even the most demanding printers, and is equipped with ability to easily apply gloss, satin or matte coatings on any printed sheet at a rate of 4800 sheets per hour.

This machine can accomodate up to 21" wide and 150-600 GSM thick sheets. It is also featured with an easy-to-use touch screen, variable intensity IR lamps and quick-change rollers that take only 5 minutes to replace.

This TruCoat UV Coater has a modular design to allow for added components such as an automatic receding stacker for increased production. Increase your business' profit and capabilities with this Tec Lighting TruCoat 21" Auto Feed UV Coater.



  • Apply gloss-satin and matte coatings.
  • Coat toner based, offset or inkjet with ease.
  • Quick change textured rollers for an array of finishes.
  • Speeds of up to 4,800SPH.
  • From start to coating in less than 5 Minutes.
  • Less than 10 minutes to switch between different coatings.
  • 0 VOC UV coating and wash-up fluid.
  • UV coated documents are 100% recyclable.
  • Modern/compact design.
  • All steel construction.
  • 3 roll application system with quick-change roller design.
  • Stainless steel doctor blade.


Power Requirements:

220V 1Ph 60Hz, 50A breaker


Price of $22,000 includes crating and is FOB St. Louis. We offer delivery, installation, and training services.


Optional Tec Lighting PURE Air powered activated carbon filter for installations where venting to the outdoors is not practical. Contact us for details.