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Standard Horizon Rotary Die Cutter

Standard Horizon Rotary Die Cutter

SN: 062303

Rotary Die-cut System (Max. 400 x 550 or 15.740" x 21.650") Diecut, Crease, Perforation, Slit, Hole punch and round corner in various substrates up to 0.5 mm or 0.019" (only for die cutting).

Dual magnetic system allows easy operation with male/female dies, especially for creasing applications. It will improve the quality of creasing.


SPC-4055 Separator - The connected separator removes the waste from the finished product and delivers it to the waste bin. Air cylinder driven separator pins and air jets can be used depending on size of the waste.

Operation Console - Both setup and control can be done though the intuitive touch screen. After setting upper and lower die, the system can be set up by simply inputting sheet size and product size. The graphical illustrations on the screen are simple and easy to understand.

FFU-4055 Feed Section - Vacuum belt feeding enables superior feeding with easy setup and operation. An ultrasonic sensor is used for double feed detection on a wide range of substrates.

Die Cutting Section - Rigid magnetic upper roller and solid lower anvil cylinder ensure high quality die cutting. Uniquely designed die cutting section enables easy and quick die setting.

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