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Rosback 223A Perforator

Rosback 223A Perforator

SN: 223A87389


The Rosback Trueline 223 features...

This 26-inch heavy-duty true line perforator has been designed for quality, high production, precision perforating, as well as scoring and slitting on stocks ranging from 9 lb. manifold to 1/16" board. Models are available in Vacuum or Friction Feed. A perfect choice for your finishing equipment needs.


• Friction feed

• Variable speed up to 24,000 feet per hour

• 2 pair of slot perforating heads wit burr rollers

• 1 pair of scoring heads

• 8 assorted perforating blades

• 1 set of drive rollers

• 1 set of full circle shaft supports

Typical Applications

• Tickets

• Tags

• Micro Perforating

• Coupons

• Scoring covers

• CD trays ( optional special CD tray heads make slitting and perforating CD tray inserts easy)

Why buy? For business owners

For the short and long run printer this perforator will complete a wide variety of work at minimal cost. The quality of output is what is expected from the Rosback brand and changing from job to job is easy for any operator. Where you may be sending to a bindery or using your folder now you can use this floor model unit to produce well perforated pieces for a very reasonable price.

(636) 757-3594

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