SN: 1D01029


The Rhin-O-Tuff EWC-8370 is a very popular electric wire closer, in part because of its simple, one-step operation. It is among the fastest and most accurate wire closers available today because of its smooth operation. The machine features a push button that completes wire insertion and closing in one simple step, meaning that you do not have to manually insert the wire. There are a series of knobs on the front of the machine that allow you to select your desired spine size and length. The EWC-8370 can close 3:1 double loop wire between ¼" and 9/16" and its maximum binding length is 14". The EWC-8370 is very easily customizable to work with any size project and can bind up to 120 sheets of paper at once. Although this machine is often used as a standalone appliance, it can also be mounted to several Rhin-O-Tuff punching machines to create a full punch and bind system. Some of Rhin-O-Tuff's most popular punching machines to use with the EWC-8370 are the 4000, 4012, 4800, 7000 and 7700. If you choose to have your EWC-8370 mounted to a punching machine, this will require a mounting kit. This machine comes most recommended for those experienced with using wire-closing machines.

Rhin-O-Tuff EWC-8370 Wire Inserter/Closer