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Presstek 34 DI Printing Press

Presstek 34 DI Printing Press

SN: 2544

In operation excellent condition

Comes with New Zitron Navigator RIP software

13.39 x 18.11 inch four color format

.0024 – .013′′ stock thickness capable

Up to 300 LPI - PDSE Scanning Closed Loop Densitometer Full automation - Viewing Booth

Ink roller wash

Blanket wash

Impression cylinder wash

No gripper changes during printing process

12 minute make-readies images plates in position on press 20,000 plate run lengths

Waterless – No fountain solution necessary

Up to 7,000 SPH run speeds

IR dryer

Powder spray

Dual-zone ink temperature control

Print Counter 11 million (Apx.)

(636) 757-3594

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