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Powis Parker Fastback Tape Binder

Powis Parker Fastback Tape Binder

The Fastback Model 20 is the latest thermal tape binding machine manufactured by Powis Parker, incorporating a number of exciting new features that set a new standard for the document binding industry. In terms of productivity, the Model 20 will produce beautiful tape bound books in 12 seconds flat--nearly four times faster than traditional binding solutions such as comb, wire or coil.

The FB Model 20 has multiple boot modes allowing you to transition from lightning quick bind cycles for normal bookbinding to low-temperature bind cycles for binding delicate materials such as laser-printed coverstock.


The Model 20 comes with a LCD display that guides the user through each binding process, automatic strip feeding technology that utilizes two precision heaters to optimize each bind cycle for maximum binding strength, and only three minutes of warm-up time.

Additionally, with the Model 20's ability to work with all Powis Parker binding materials, including the new fully customizable Image Strips, you can easily transition between binding tape bound reports, hardcover books and perfect bound books in seconds.