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Pierce Perf-o-Matic / Slit-o-Matic / Score/Slit/Perf

Pierce Perf-o-Matic / Slit-o-Matic / Score/Slit/Perf

SN: P841J

While in working condition, the unit needs a new roller for proper feeding.


Perf Slit Score Machine Description

This table top version of the Pierce Perf-A-Matic requires an area of only 25" x 44" yet offers all the features and professional performance of the floor models. Standard equipment includes two perforating assemblies and one scoring assembly.

P-15 Drive Train: Heavy duty chain drive with steel sprockets. Ensures years of trouble free service.

Registration Guide: Tail end adjustment allows re-adjustment of side guide to compensate for irregular stocks and off register print.

Bottom of Pile Feed: Permits top loading and gives positive feed control of each sheet

Full View Design: Large 1-1/16" diameter hard chromium plated steel shafts, 2-1/2" diameter solid blades.

Operator Side Controls: Solid state controller allows variable speeds. Side guide register control allows easy adjustment of perforating and Scoring head alignment.

P-15 - Max. sheet size 15" x 15" - Min. sheet size 3" x 3"

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