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NuArc UV Screen Exposure System

NuArc UV Screen Exposure System

SN: 091497120M

The MSP 3140 features NuArc’s instant-start multi-spectrum metal-halide screen exposure technology, which reduces glass temperature, power consumption, and environmental heating  effects. With a 79 x 102 cm (31" x 40") maximum screen frame size, it’s an ideal choice for those entering automatic printing and for quality-conscious screen printers in manual environments. 



  • Eliminates the need for a vacuum hose connection to the blanket
  • Exceptionally flexible and resilient material ensures intimate contact and blanket longevity
  • Gas shocks simplify blanket frame opening and closing
  • Oil-free pump is fast, quiet, and efficient
  • Unique manifold system ensures intimate contact by drawing vacuum evenly around the perimeter of the blanket frame
  • Vacuum release system instantly releases vacuum
  • 9.5 mm (3/8") thick optically-clear plate glass
  • 99 cm (39") working height for no-step access
  • Frame latches are made with state-of-the-art material for durability, longevity, and operator comfort
  • Fully-enclosed, heavy-duty all steel cabinet
  • Light-Loc™ automatically turns off the screen exposure light source if the door is opened
  • Removable covers provide easy access to components to clean or replace any serviceable item
  • Self-contained design speeds production by allowing placement in light-safe screen-coating rooms
  • Square tubular steel welded frame
  • 1200-watt multi-spectrum metal-halide instant-start
  • UV screen exposure lamp produces fast, efficient exposures
  • Lamp drawer makes screen exposure lamp easy to access and change
  • Multi-point metal-halide UV screen exposure lamps excel on all emulsions: direct, capillary, and indirect
  • Point-light source provides maximum collimation and optimum coverage

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