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NexPress Stations

NexPress Stations

MICR, Dimensional Clear, Gold

Replenishers and Developer Housing


Each 5th station option includes replenisher and developer housing

Build your business with Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions

The Fifth Imaging Unit opens the door to many highly differentiated applications. Every press ships with five imaging units, configured with the Light Black Solution in the Fifth Station for outstanding image quality. And it’s possible to select from a wide range of additional solutions.

Press set-up for the Fifth Imaging Unit is quick and easy — and can be completed in about five minutes. It’s always possible to add solutions as the need arises or as new solutions are introduced. 

The current Fifth Imaging Unit solutions include:

4 Gold Dry Ink for a wide range of gold and color metallic effects.

4 Dimensional printing for a tactile, 3-D effect

4 MICR Ink for printing 4-color bank checks

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