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Multigraphics Booklet Master

Multigraphics Booklet Master

SN: BM00861


Multigraphics Bookletmaster (BM60) Bookletmaker

Multigraphics Bookletmaster (BM60) Bookletmaker is designed for hand feeding of precollated / sorted sets.Easy to operate, economically priced, compact, versatile. These are just a few of the reasons this bookletmaker has been such a successful machine for so many years.

Eliminate all the unnecessary time, labor, and expenses, associated with “hand bookletmaking” (folding each sheet in a paper folder, hand gathering the folded sheets, and saddle stapling the gathered sets). Take your collated sets right from a copier or collator and drop them into the System 60 for one-step stapling and folding of books up to 22 sheets of 20 lb. bond or equivalent.

Manufacturer: Multigraphics/O&M (Plockmatic)

Capacity: 22 sheets of 80gsm

Paper Size Min: 5 1/2″ X 8 1/4″

Paper Size Max: 13 3/8″ X 18″

Stapler Heads: 2

Low Staple Detection: Yes

Voltage: 115 V 60 Hz

(636) 757-3594

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