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Morgana Auto Creaser

Morgana Auto Creaser

The Morgana Autocreaser is a fully automatic suction feeding creasing
system designed for use with both conventional litho and digital printers.
The feed on the Autocreaser can also be manually operated for use with
heavy stock, very small or very large sheets, embossed or even irregular
The Autocreaser is capable of creasing sheet sizes to a maximum of
999.9mm x 320mm and weights in excess of 300gsm.
The minimum sheet size when the machine is used in automatic mode is
140mm x 210mm (51⁄2 “x 81⁄2”).
Upto nine creases can be programmed to a single sheet.
The crease is programmed from the leading edge of the sheet using the
controls on the front panel.
A minimum distance between creases is 3mm and it is possible to make
micro adjustments to 0.1mm.
The Autocreaser has upto nine available memory addresses for
programmed creasing operations.
The blade and anvil are mechanically controlled over their entire length
and can be adjusted to accommodate various weights of media.

(636) 757-3594

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