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Minipack Mailbag

Minipack Mailbag

The Mailbag is the ideal solution for packaging magazines, newspapers, catalogues, bulletins and wholesale publications for short to medium runs.

The product is placed vertically in a width adjustable collar that folds the film into a bag around the product. A vertical sealing bar seals the two sides of the film in the middle of the bag, the ends are then sealed and cut by the horizontal sealing/cutting bar. The packaged product is automatically ejected onto an upward angled conveyor into a receiving rack ready to be bundled or boxed.

The Mailbag uses printed or transparent polyethylene sheet film.



  • Photocell, ensuring self adjustment of bag length
  • Hot blade sealing bars with electronic control of cutting temperature
  • Automatic unwind and product drive
  • Digital programmable control panel
  • Movable conveyor belt for unloading of the product
  • Double photocell for dark/printed films
  • Selection of manual/automatic mode
  • 9 operator programs
  • Operating temperature control
  • Standby temperature control
  • Pressure adjustment on sealing bars
  • Pressure adjustment on drive wheels
  • Adjustment of bag length
  • Adjustment of bag margin/slack
  • Batch counting