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LectroJog Paper Jogger

LectroJog Paper Jogger

SN: 880663

Reduce paper jams by jogging paper first. This puts air between the sheets to loosen them up which reduces jams. This table-top paper jogger will hold a full ream of tabloid size paper and card-stock. Great for jogging checks, cards, business forms, and other paper stocks. The small footprint allows it to sit easily on a desk or table and plugs into a standard wall outlet. Easily holds 8.5x11 paper and will accept larger paper up to 11x17 in. paper, envelopes and card-stock.


Supplier Sku 890305

Make Letrojog®

Model No. TH-7

Type Table top paper jogger

Color Gray

Serial No. 890305

Input / Output Power 115V AC

Features Handles up to 11x17 in. stock

(636) 757-3594