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Graphic Whizard PT-SCC

Graphic Whizard PT-SCC

SN: 2905050

SN: 2905050

Meter: 196016

The Graphic Whizard PT 375SCC has the capabilities of edge-trimming, slitting, gutter trimming, cutting, creasing, and perforating in one simple unit. Gutter trimming is user adjustable, eliminating the need for expensive interchangeable modules for business cards or post cards! Optical mark registration ensures consistent trimming regardless of image shirt, which is common when using digital print engines. The suction feeder handles materials up to 350 gsm, a maximum sheet size of up to 14.5" x 25.5", and runs up to 1500 sph (2 cuts, 1 crease, 8.5" x 11"). The PT 375SCC creasing module can perform up to 32 creases or perfs per sheet and comes with front loading interchangeable die capability for quick changeover. Optional accessories include; rotary perforation, cross perforation (with the ability to do partial perfs), a 2D bar code reader to load job parameters automatically.


Large and easy to use color touchscreen

No additional modules required for business cards, perforating or rotary scoring

Cross perforation capability is standard

26 sheets/minute (2 cuts / 1 crease)

Image shift compensation on 2 axis

Ideal for:

Full-bleed applications

Business cards

Greeting cards






Book covers

CD covers


and more!

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