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GP2 Tech CT1-Cover Trimmer

GP2 Tech CT1-Cover Trimmer

The CT-1 Cover Trimmer is designed for fast accurate and automatic trimming of printed cover sheets by utilizing specifications acquired from the graphics printed on the sheet. The cut size of each sheet can differ as the machine will register the cut locations by sensing the preprinted borders of each successive cover sheet and then cutting away the excess material. The perfectly trimmed covers are then ready for casemaking.


The Operator Interface PC/Touchscreen is representative of the advanced technology built into the Cover Trimmer and not found on other entry or mid level bindery equipment. The CT-1 control system further exemplifies our commitment to “user” friendly, simple to operate casemakers. Connectivity to the internet allows for remote diagnostics, access to instructional videos, and fast, accurate support.



  • Simplicity
    With minimal labor and skills the CT-1 trims the cover sheets precisely where and when needed. A simple border added to your graphics ensures trimming accuracy and significant labor savings. 
  • Quality
    Solve one of the most common causes of scrap in the POD hardcover production process by automating one-off and ultra short run cover trimming. Precise, square cut cover sheets ensure consistent high quality covers. 
  • Speed
    Bypass the costly time and effort to provide precisely trimmed covers by automating a process traditionally hampered by human error. 
  • Labor Savings
    After loading a stack of covers the CT-1 will operate unattended freeing up your operator for other duties.