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Epson SureColor P8000 Wide Format

Epson SureColor P8000 Wide Format

SN: VMFE001878


The 44-inch SureColor P8000 printers are the worthy successors to the class-leading Epson Stylus Pro 890 Series.

Designed for general purpose graphics and photographic applications, they incorporate our latest imaging technologies – including an exotic Epson PrecisionCore® TFP® print head, along with our unique Epson UltraChrome® HD eight-color pigmented ink set.

With advanced media handling options from cut sheet to roll, from plain papers to photographic, fine art, and even 1.5 mm thick poster boards, the new Epson SureColor P-Series continues to redefine the state of the art in wide format photographic imaging applications.

Printing Technology:

PrecisionCore TFP Print Head

8-channel, drop-on-demand, inkjet print head

Maximum Print Resolution:

2880 x 1440 dpi; 1440 x 1440 dpi; 1440 x 720 dpi;

720 x 720 dpi; 720 x 360 dpi

Photo Print Speed:

16" x 20" prints from 2:02 to 6:58 Production is 4:162

20" x 30" prints from 3:40 to 12:25 Production is 7:362

40" x 60" prints from 11:15 to 40:05; normal is 24:202

Nozzle Configuration:

Color and Monochrome; 360 nozzles x 8

Enhanced Variable Droplet Technology as small as 3.5 picoliters

Ink Type:

Epson UltraChrome HD pigment inks, 9-ink, 8-color (C, LC, VM, VLM, Y, LK, LLK, and PK or MK)

Replacement Ink:

Ink Cartridge (150 ml)

Photo Black T834100

Cyan T834200

Vivid Magenta T834300

Yellow T834400

Light Cyan T834500

Vivid Light Magenta T834600

Light Black T834700

Matte Black T834800

Light Light Black T834900

Orange T834A00

Green T834B00

Violet T834D00

Ink Cartridge (350 ml)

Photo Black T824100

Cyan T824200

Vivid Magenta T824300

Yellow T824400

Light Cyan T824500

Vivid Light Magenta T824600

Light Black T824700

Matte Black T824800

Light Light Black T824900

Orange T824A00

Green T824B00

Violet T824D00

Ink Cartridge (700 ml)

Photo Black T804100

Cyan T804200

Vivid Magenta T804300

Yellow T804400

Light Cyan T804500

Vivid Light Magenta T804600

Light Black T804700

Matte Black T804800

Light Light Black T804900

Orange T804A00

Green T804B00

Violet T804D00

Fade Resistance / Print Longevity:

Color: Up to 200 years

Black-and-White: Up to 400 years

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