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Dexter Lawson Drill

Dexter Lawson Drill

SN: 89B3198

Dexter Lawson B3 Super Duty Multi Spindle Hydraulic Paper Drill – Expandable up to 10 Spindles


◦Full 3.0 Inch Drilling Capacity

◦Accepts Lawson Style Drill Heads, both Lawson 2.0″ and Lawson 3.0″

◦Electronic braking on cycle

◦Hand Brake on head rail

◦Safety foot activated cycle, with three modes

◦Drill heads have self clamping mechanism on each drill head

◦Drill heads have individual up/down adjustment

◦Drilling machine has head rail adjustment

◦Heavy Duty Construction

◦Micrometer Side Guide

◦Variable Headrail Speeds

◦Variable Spindle Speeds

◦Proven Dependability

◦19.750 Inch Width, Center To Center

◦1.250 Inch Minimum, Center to Center

◦3 Inch Work Capacity

◦Table Size: 32” x 36”

◦Spindle Speeds: 1,200 ~ 4,000 RPM

◦Proven Work Horse of the Industry

◦Variable speeds from 10 to 32 Strokes per minute

◦Rugged Design

◦Weight: Approximately 1,150lbs.

◦Accepts up to ten (10) Drill heads 


What sets this machine apart is the double motor design, automating every part of the drilling process.

(636) 757-3594

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