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Challenge HandyJog

Challenge HandyJog

SN: 1781-121


The Challenge Handy-Jog Paper jogger makes paper jogging more affordable than ever. The Handy-Jog is a low-cost highly effective jogger that fits into the most cost concious budget. With its small footprint, the Handy-Jog can be placed beside any machine even in a crowded shop. Its high power and quiet operation efficiently jogs paper up to 11" x 17". Unlike other low cost joggers that have motors, bearings and rubber couplings, the Handy-Jog has no moving parts that will wear or require maintenance. Also unique to the Handy-Jog is the optional footswitch that makes operation convenient and efficient.


Product Details

·    Front Side Loading

·    Also available with different tray configurations: Check Tray or Standard Tray

·    Up to 11" x 17" stock tray

·    Powerful jogging action

·    Quiet operation

·    Maintenance free drive mechanism

·    Optional "Instant On" footswitch

·    UL Listed

(636) 757-3594