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Challenge CMT-330C Three Knife Trimmer

Challenge CMT-330C Three Knife Trimmer

SN: 15020313

New Arrival - video coming soon at the link above!

The new generation of CMT-330TC three-knife trimmer introduces all the flexibility necessary to the book trimming operation in today’s publishing marketplace. It is now capable of fulfilling a combination of both Off-Line and In-Line feeding systems with the Bourg Binder 3x02 family. The CMT-330TC is the ideal finishing solution for on-demand and short run perfect bound book production.

The CMT-330TC has also expanded its capabilities making it the perfect machine to trim landscape formatted books such as photo books (up to 307 x 328 mm – 12.1 x 12.9 in).

This powerful hydraulic trimmer has been upgraded with nine new features: (1) a 26.7 cm (10.5 in) color touchscreen display for rapid job programming; (2) an integrated barcode reading system for automated set up or (3) if the job has no barcode, an automatic size detection of untrimmed books; (4) a precision knife depth control to provide consistent knife stroke and reduce cut sticks wear; (5) a live graphical display of each book in process; (6) Integrated diagnostics with visual display of sensor locations and machine status; (7) a full digital control for fast and accurate book size changes in under six seconds; (8) a stronger knife assembly and table support design to minimize deflection, and (9) integrated monitored waste bins.


All new benefits in details

Integrated In-Line and Off-Line feeding systems with the Bourg Binder BB3x02 family. With the proper configuration of feeding components, the CMT-330TC is capable of automatically switching, as needed, between feeding books directly from an In-Line Bourg B3x02 perfect binder OR from a manually loaded Off-Line book pile feeder system. If one system is waiting for its next book, the other system can feed the trimmer to maximize production throughput.

Expanded range of finished book sizes from 148 x 100 mm (5.82 x 3.93 in) up to 307,3 x 328 mm (12.10 x 12.91 in) to produce small format sizes up to large landscape format books.

Integrated barcode reading system’s 1D/2D (compatible with JDF) enables true fully-automated book-of-one production by automating job set-up.

Intuitive 10.5” (26,7 cm) color touchscreen display provides a clear & easy-to-read image of the trimming system. Automatic starting book size detection simplifies the required job parameters making job entry quick and easy.

Live graphical display of each book as it travels through the system.

Operational simplicity thanks to a smart integrated computer diagnostics with graphical display of sensor locations and machine status.

A high-speed digital control for fast and accurate book size changes set-ups in under six seconds (no tools required).

Automatic size detection of the raw format of books means only three dimensions are required for job programming.

Precision knife depth control assures consistent and complete control of knife stroke depth and reduces wear to cut sticks as well as the need for continued knife adjustments.

Better waste management thanks to the new guides that better keep scraps out of the trimmer and thanks to the waste full sensors that inform the operator which bin must be emptied (optional).

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