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Bourg BDF & Collator Towers

Bourg BDF & Collator Towers


Thank you for looking at the Bourg BST10 + BDF, fully integrated booklet making system.


The Bourg BST10 Suction Tower Collators, BDF Document Finisher, and TD Stacker come together in this unit to help you create beautifully finished documents with speed and accuracy.


The feeder in this unit is equipped with vacuum-powered technology designed to reduce double-sheet feeding, even when handling light NCRs.


This collator system handles a variety of stock, and can promptly switch from collating and binding text to finishing heavy-weight documents in multiple different styles. Job change overs are as easy as pressing a button.


State of the art technology allows the user to control all job operations and save frequently used programs for later use. The user-friendly, touch-screen interface makes calling back saved programs simple and fast, reducing operator training time.


This unit is versatile, fully programmable, and efficient.

(636) 757-3594

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