The Bourg BB3202 PUR Perfect Binder is a truly unique machine, unrivaled in the market.


It’s the only perfect binder designed to operate In-Line, Near-Line, or in Dual Mode.


The BB3202 is the ideal machine for on-demand printers and publishing houses, capable of high capacity jobs, and “book runs of one. Lending itself perfectly to a digital workflow, short runs are possible while still performing efficiently for medium length runs.


Once the feeder and cover feeder is loaded in near line mode, the binder produces over 200 books an hour with almost no operator intervention. When running In-Line, the binder requires zero human intervention.


The PUR adhesive system is the best book binding glue available, providing maximum durability and flexibility so books lay open and flat.


Delivery, installation, training and ongoing support are all available.


Enhance your output quality and save time and money with the Bourg BB3202 Perfect Binder, available for a limited time at Printer Strategies.


*Consider the D&K single side laminator also available for sale now to round out your cover production and exceed expectations of most demanding customers.


Bourg BB3202 PUR Perfect Binder



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